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Emma Hughes MBACP (Accred) Counsellor in Leeds city Centre. I also offer online and telephone counselling.


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Hello, I'm Emma Hughes. I am a BACP accredited and fully qualified counsellor available for individual counselling in Leeds City Centre.

I am available for appointments in Leeds on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday and Saturdays. I also offer zoom sessions on the days above plus Monday and Tuesday afternoons and evenings.

Please inquire for more information at or by phone on 07979146135

About Counselling

Counselling can offer you the time and space to explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe, empathic, non-judgmental and confidential space. 


Short-term counselling can help you to focus on a specific issue or traumatic event that you have experienced such as a bereavement, divorce or job loss


Long-term counselling will enable you to explore yourself and your relationships more deeply.


You may be thinking of counselling because you are feeling confused, alone or helpless and are struggling to cope. During an initial meeting together we can look at what you feel is and isn't working in your life and what goals you wish to achieve by the end of our counselling sessions.


'I found our sessions so valuable. I felt safe and feel that counselling has helped me greatly.' J.L (2015)

“When I have talked to people of the benefits of counselling, the reactions tend to be along the lines of “I’ve never really needed it”. This was my opinion too before I started working with Emma. I am now of the opinion this concept fundamentally misunderstands the benefits of counselling as it portrays it as something for people who are at their lowest ebb. If you are considering counselling, do not ask whether you ‘need it’. Instead ask whether you feel you ‘deserve it’ in the same way that you would ask whether you deserve eating good food or a holiday. The answer is most likely ‘yes’. Emma has been a pleasure to work with, and the benefits of having a kind, non-judgmental presence in my life has helped me work through many anxieties and insecurities in a healthy and natural manner. There are no quick fixes in life but Emma has helped put me on a better path than the one I was on and for that I could not recommend her more highly”  Michael, 2018).



Face to Face Sessions: £45 for 50 minutes. Online & Phone counselling £45 - 50mins.
Discounts for full-time students available: £42 for 50 mins with valid I.D

Phone : 07979146135

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